Why is Mobile Friendly so important

SEO mobile friendly

Nearly a One Billion Smartphones are sold annually world wide!  Today people hold the internet in the palm of their hands thus your website must be optimized for searches done on mobile devises.  TriTella is one of the SEO providers who is able to build websites to be mobile friendly and optimized for mobile search results. 

I am constantly amazed the business owners fail to have a website that is optimized to mobile devises give most live their own lives on their smartphone.  A major factor in SEO is having a responsive website that can change according to the browser in use such as a Smartphone browser, tablet or IPad browsers for example. 

These devices display images and videos very different from a desktop and size of the image does matter.  As a company we install software to your website to help optimize images for better page speed load on a smartphone or tablet.  

Search Engine Optomization truly has come to a place where you are targetting searches by the device they most use to reach your business.  An example of this would be in you were a taxi company a mobile SEO strategy would be critical as a majority of searches would arrive at your page via their portal device.  Therefore, it matters more that your website looks great their then on even a desktop. 

Over the next few years almost 60% of all searches will be conducted on a mobile device!  Are you visitors frustrated with how your page loads, looks, and operates on their mobile device.  

When your ready to consider a new direction in your website consider TriTella as a leader in Website Developer for your business. 

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