12 Fundamentals for Google SEO

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There are hundreds of factors that go into Website rankings and many of the factors change in importance overtime.  Often these factors change in ways that can cause negatives if you do not keep up with them. Therefore having professionals monitor and maintain your website is critical. 

The Fundamentals for Google Optimization Google SEO TIPs and Techniques

Virtually all businesses desire to be a the top of search results!  Getting to the top of Google search results with SEO is not an easy process especially with many major search algorithm changes over the last few years.  To establish your business on the first page requires at least 10 major SEO optimizations. TriTella is a company who is known as a SEO Company in Maryland and SEO Company in Charlotte.  So they have developed what they think are 10 key things a website needs to rank well. 1st Page Placement in Google is NOT difficult, you need to follow Google Optimization Guidelines, and this Article has Summary of the Twelve Fundamentals for Google Optimization.


Fresh and Original Content

For great SEO your website first and foremost need to have original interesting content for organic growth of the website.

Easy Navigation Menus

A major factor in visitor usability is the navigation and how easy it is to find your pathway around your content.  It is critical that the web crawlers can find their path threw.


An alt tag, also known as “alt attribute” and “alt description,” is an HTML attribute applied to image tags to provide a text alternative for search engines. The web crawlers can not read images and for strong SEO this is a major way for the search engine to determine what your website is about.   You visually can make out what a site is about with images so accomplish the same thing with text about those images with Alt tags.


A older aged domain is often considered a easier to Search Engine Optimize as it shows history in the field, topic, or industry that your website best represents.  We often help our clients obtain expired domains with age to build credibility.

Inbound Links

Having the right, natural appear inbound links from a related industry identified site is critical. It is often better to have just one quality Inbound like that 10,000 low quality links.  In fact you can have too much of a thing, if you have a thousands of poor links your ranking can hurt horribly.

Internal or Inter-linking

Linking with in your own website and content is very advisable as you can have a hyper link on a word and take you to a broader definition or explanation of a topic.  These links assist the crawlers and humans into discovering more about your website.

Growing Content

A website that is progressively growing with content favored in the web relm for authority.  This also leads to more and more organic traffic that helps you find new prospects for your products or services.

Local SEO

If your business is doing activities locally, a strong local maps, and directory presence is one of the most important things you can do. Or if your a national site you can feature pages about where or how your products were used locally.  


More than ever Google is trying to deliver relevant content to the searcher.  One factor that is quickly becoming more important is your companies reviews online.  Google would rather deliver a lower grade website with high positive reviews than a high quality site with a lower reputation as it sees this as a gage of the end users relevant interest.  Therefore, keeping a heart beat of your reputation is critical.

Mobile friendly Responsive

It is simply fact that now over 50% of visitors to the majority of websites are on a mobile device or tablet thus your website must be geared for these users.  Your ranking can plummet or greatly reduced for this one single factor.

Speed of load

A factor often hard to control as visitors often want visuals as part of the conversion process is page speed load.  Obviously the more visual content you have, functions and features all can slow how quickly the page is delivered. We work hard to optimize where possible to increase page speeds so they do not become  negative.


One crazy factor is existing traffic.  Again Google is looking at relevance so the more traffic you get and remains on your website the more traffic that is often delivered.  So having articles, blogs, and videos can greatly enhance the organic growth of your website.

Finally the terms or keywords with in your content matters so that you are reaching the prospects that are most appropriate for your business or organization.  Having the wrong keywords can draw the wrong prospect and over time hurt your relevance as having the right keywords can add additional traffic.
Search Engine optimization is a definitely a skill combined with art as well as scientific factors. TriTella is a company that provides SEO services for industries across

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